Culture is everything.

Love to be inspired? At Notion, we have a fun, collaborative and creative environment, and we love discovering new talents and people that inspire us. We value our clients, families and community, and we work hard to give everyone a voice. So, if you love to create, think, play, laugh and learn, then come share what notion drives you.

Notion was started by three guys who are ambitious, entrepreneurial and always show up to work with their sleeves rolled up. They come from big agency culture and bring the ambition, discipline and work ethic needed to thrive with Fortune 500 clients. At its core, Notion is about collaborating with clients, building relationships and producing creative pieces that serve a purpose.


We work at Notion because we enjoy it – it is not just another job, it is a choice to be here and do something together that drives us – and we hope all our staff and consultants feel the same way. We deliver what we promise, and the collaborative and creative journey it takes to get to the final product should be both enjoyable and educational. We embrace our team’s dynamics, like to have fun and love meeting new clients that are a good fit for our expertise.

As a team member, we want to know your interests, build on your strengths and help you find new opportunities to grow into a well-rounded creative professional. We aim to build an atmosphere for developing talented designers into stand-out creatives who see the “whole picture” when bringing a design to life. It’s more than layout and color; it’s based on strategy, building relationships, learning from past mistakes, listening to our whole team and understanding what the client needs to be successful.​

We encourage unique skills, interests and talent, but anyone who works at Notion is expected to possess the following professional and personal qualities:

Personality and Work Ethic

  • Motivated self-starter

  • Proactive and enthusiastic   

  • Positive, inspiring work attitude

  • Attentive, focused design


Professional and Creative Mindset

  • Good communication skills

  • Imagination thrives through play

  • Pleasant to clients, team members and vendors 

  • Respectable business etiquette

Discovery and Unending Aspiration

  • Constant desire to learn 

  • Ask a lot of thoughtful questions 

  • Resourceful problem solver 

  • Always inventive in everything you do 


Best (Business) Practices

  • Help grow the business

  • Good time management

  • Flexible work environment

  • Willingness to go the extra mile