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How Notion got its name

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

It’s intimidating to brainstorm and decide your own agency’s name. Often your audience is introduced to your name before they even see your face. And you anticipate being judged more closely because you are, after all, a creative agency and “naming” is part of a branding product/service you offer.

Nine years ago, we knew we wanted something that speaks to how we think and how we partner with our clients. Here’s that story:

In my 30+ year career, I’ve worked for an assortment of agencies. No two agencies were alike – their offerings, structure, culture and approach to client service and design varied tremendously.

But the one thing that all creative shops have in common is that at some point, a client has a need that is explained in a brief, a kickoff call or even a detailed email. Experienced designers will tell you that “when” they learn about the request or are “brought into the room” with the client is very important, if not critical.

Now, I believe that everyone on the team – from account and project managers to producers and editors – is creative. But compared to other disciplines, a designer often sees similar types of creative challenges and requests throughout their career. And that experience, combined with our natural curiosity and the awareness of external trends, helps us guide conversations with clients toward a path of discovery, instead of getting attached to the first idea.

In the initial client meeting, our experience is valuable in navigating the creative process, offering possibilities away from a cliché, trite or preconceived idea. The preferred time for a designer to collaborate with a client is when the need first presents itself. And that moment, before an idea is fully formed is a notion.

We are experts in turning an inkling or notion into big ideas, effective and often beautiful solutions. If a client has a potential creative need, we want to be in the room to explore and ideate with them. For us, this is the best approach to collaboration and ultimately developing a strategic, creative and successful solution.

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