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Insights from our Interns: Reflecting on the 2023 Notion Summer Internship Program

It seems like our interns started only yesterday, and now it’s almost time to send them off! Over the past 12 weeks, Nisha Margrum and Zoe Yudovich have been busy learning the ropes of B2B marketing and creative design, working with and learning from our team of experts in creative, account service and video production.

The internship experience included getting ingrained in our client projects, working across a range of core accounts, as well as participating in office events, including our monthly Lunch n’ Learns, professional development sessions and team events.

Team field trip to one of our local production partners, Binding Solutions.

Hear about their experiences in their own words below!

Nisha Margrum, Creative Intern

School: Webster University (recent graduate)

Major: Graphic Design

First impressions:

I remember meeting Janet, Stephanie and Meghan at Webster’s graphic design showcase. I chatted with them about my work and the conversation piqued my interest in Notion. My advisor at Webster University mentioned that Notion was looking for a graphic design intern and I knew I’d enjoy the opportunity to come and learn from the creatives at such a unique company.

What I’m taking with me:

This being my second internship, my time at Notion has taught me that I may prefer working at an agency rather than in-house. Working with an agency freshly out of college really gave me the opportunity to grow as a designer because there are so many talented creatives to learn from who have been in the industry for years. Being able to shadow and obtain creative advice from people who are willing to mentor me has been such a great professional experience and I’d like to keep learning how creative agencies work.

What I like working on:

So far, I have really enjoyed learning A LOT. I have worked on designing quite a few one-pagers and sell sheets. I have really appreciated the challenge of taking information from a Word document and turning it into an engaging design. Receiving in-depth feedback about my work and guidance on how I can visually transform a simple statistic or report has opened my eyes to the idea that there are a multitude of ways to make basic information engaging for a viewer. I feel that the past three months have really helped my development in attention to detail, working within brand guidelines and following specific instruction based on feedback.

What I’ve learned about…

  • Marketing: B2B marketing, specifically, really challenges your creative mind. You have to come up with compelling ways to showcase complex client information that will visually engage their customers. And the words you use are just as important as the visuals.

  • The creative industry: Working at Notion has shown me that there are various ways a creator can contribute to a design team and that teamwork is crucial when working in the B2B creative industry.

  • The professional world: There are companies that have a strong culture and a healthy work-life balance. The team at Notion works hard and has fun during events such as a “Chopped”-style cook off challenge, a Sip n’ Learn, gardening and enjoying treats from Ted Drewes.

Zoe Yudovich, Account Service Intern

School: University of Missouri – Columbia (rising junior)

Major: Business – Marketing

First impressions:

As someone with little professional work experience, I was nervous about stepping foot into an office for the first time. However, the tight-knit office culture was extremely welcoming, allowed me to build strong interpersonal relationships with coworkers and contributed to my professional development. The company culture I have experienced at Notion is truly one of a kind, serving as an exceptional blueprint of what a business should embody.

What I’m taking with me:

My time at Notion has taught me the importance of asking for help. As an intern, the last thing I wanted was to be a distraction to my coworkers, but I learned very quickly that I wasn’t going to have all the answers. The internship is a learning experience, so I needed to ask questions to learn and develop professionally. I can say confidently that whenever I had a question, my supervisors would stop what they were doing to help me with anything I needed. Notion’s “how can I help” culture empowered me to feel comfortable asking for support and taught me the importance of continuous learning.

What I like working on:

Notion embraces new ideas and allows them to flourish. I was given the opportunity to lead an agency-wide Lunch n’ Learn to facilitate a conversation about challenging and sensitive topics around diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I). This project was the most rewarding and memorable for me because I was given creative freedom to establish the groundwork and make the greatest impact.

What I’ve learned about…

  • Marketing: There are so many more elements and moving parts to a marketing project than I’d realized before my time at Notion. Every person who contributes to a project impacts the final outcome in some shape or form.

  • The creative industry is way more complex and challenging than I’d imagined. Specifically, the design world is something I’ve gained a huge appreciation for because it is a skillset I don’t have.

  • The professional world can include fun activities and doesn’t necessarily have to be “business” 24/7. A strong company culture can allow time for employees to get their creative juices flowing with different initiatives while including lots of fun!


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