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Notion is an experienced team of creative minds and innovative marketing professionals who develop smart, compelling solutions through strategic design and engaging storytelling.

Our team is approachable, reliable and flexible. With a focus on B2B marketing, our specialties are in the nuances of fintech, healthcare, agribusiness, education and big data. As seasoned marketers, experienced strategists and exceptional visual storytellers, we genuinely care about our clients and believe that going above and beyond is essential.

And that means we deliver what we promise, both on time and on budget. A true creative partnership should feel energizing and positive — with that optimism and forward-thinking flowing into our work. Our team embraces diversity, likes to have fun and loves meeting new clients to partner with. And we truly enjoy what we do — collaborating with intelligent, innovative people — it’s key to our creative vision.

We have big agency experience with a small agency touch. At Notion, we combine Creative Minds + Strategic Design.





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